Sir Philip Oakley Fysh


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Sketch in The Australian, February 19, 1898

A part of Charles Nutall's painting of the Opening of Parliament May 1901

Project by Grade 6F St. Michael's Collegiate Hobart Tasmania

Introduction to project by St Michael's

The Australian: Centenary of Federation: Off to London to visit the Queen

House of Representatives Election Results 1901: Tasmania

House of Representatives Election Results 1903: Denison

The naming of Fyshwick, Canberra

Sir Philip Fysh Scholarship

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)

Poster by the Department of the Parliamentary Library
(needs Adobe Acrobat reader)

Centenary of Federation Fact Sheet
Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts

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Encyclopedia Britannica
Tasmania Self-government and Federation

Encyclopedia Britannica
Tasmania History

First members of the House of Representatives

Tasmania Legislative Council: Buckingham: 1851 - 1998

The Federation Movement in Australia

Sir Phillip Oakley Fysh (Tasmanian Premiers)