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Piko Computing

Since March 1990 Piko Computing has helped many clients develop business solutions, involved in all parts of the project life cycle, from initiation through to implementation and maintenance. Technology constantly changes and over that time we have built applications for desktop, mobile devices, intranet and internet. We have used numerous databases including MS SQL Server, Sybase, Advantage, MS Access, dBase and others. Our wide-ranging experience gives us a great real-world, customer-focused approach.

Some of our clients have been: Credit Suisse Bullion Pacific, National Mutual Funds Management, Norwich Financial Planning Services, Shell Company of Australia, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria, Footscray Institute of Technology, Australian Wheat Board, Department of Natural Resources and Environment-Victoria, Department of Primary Industries and Energy, Animal Health Australia, and Plan Australia.

We also regularly assist other software developers take advantage of new technology.

Piko Computing Consultants Pty Ltd
ACN: 007 378 716
ABN: 95 305 959 974


Facelift Professional for Visual Objects

Vulcan.NET is a programming language for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Paul Piko assisted with its development. Piko Computing also produced a programming tool to help move windows designed in Vulcan's precursor, Visual Objects, to Vulcan.NET. That product is called Facelift Professional for Visual Objects. More information and purchasing details can be found on the Vulcan Mind Meld site.


David L Piko

David Piko was an enthusaistic photographer. He was particulary interested in Mount Cannibal, North Garfield, where he identified and photographed around 50 native orchid species.

Paul Piko

Paul Piko also shares an interest in photography.



Cameron Piko is a guitarist/composer for the band Montresor, reviewer of music (progressive and otherwise), and occasional dabbler on bass and sitar. His site In‑disciplined hosts his music, reviews and interviews.

  Charity & Community

Plan Australia

Plan Australia is a child centered community development organisation:

Plan's vision is of a world in which all children realise their full potential in societies that respect people's rights and dignity. Child Centred Community Development is a rights-based approach that translates this vision into the practice of international development.

Children are at the heart of everything we do. Our work focuses on children who are living in poverty, children who are excluded and marginalised, and children affected by conflict and disasters.

Our work is guided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which spells out the human rights of all children. Listening to what children have to say about their rights and concerns is critical to our approach. We encourage them to take part in decisions that affect their lives, to speak out and have their voices heard.

We work from the perspective that all children hold equal rights so protecting children from discrimination – including gender discrimination – is a key principle of Child Centred Community Development. We’re committed to working for, with, and on behalf of children to claim their rights and to hold duty bearers, such as governments, to account to respect these rights. Plan Australia
Piko Computing has been providing services to Plan Australia since 2008. Paul Piko has been involved in key infrastructure projects with them.

Please visit Plan's site to see the great work they are doing for children and communities.

Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victoria)

The Australian Native Orchid Society (ANOS) members are dedicated to the cultivation, conservation and scientific study of native orchids in the Australasian region. Paul Piko has been an ANOS(Victoria) committee member, Terrestrial Study Group coordinator and leader of many field trips.


Paul Piko

Profile Summary

My career in computing started with Shell Australia in 1984, and by 1990 I was working as a Systems Analyst. I left to consult through my company, Piko Computing Consultants, working on many projects for government and financial institutions. I am usually involved in the analysis, design, programming and implementation of projects. Since 2009 most of my time has been spent working on Blackbaud CRM, the Customer Relationship Manager for not-for-profits.

A more detailed resume is available by clicking this link.

Conference Speaking

I have been a speaker at software conferences covering various topics over the years including Clipper, Visual Objects, Vulcan.NET, Microsoft .NET Framework, Jasmine database, Windows application development, MS Office integration, web development, object‐orientation. My 2013 sessions covered Windows 8 app development. My 2014 sessions introduced Microsoft Azure to software developers.
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, Australia, May 1993
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, USA, August 1993
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, Australia, November 1994
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, USA, July 1995
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, Australia, November 1995
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, USA, August 1996
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, Australia, November 1996
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, USA, July 1997
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, Australia, November 1997
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, USA, April 1998
  • VOICE, United Kingdom, February 1999 SDGN
  • SDGN Conference to the Point, Netherlands, April 1999
  • Computer Associates TechniCon, USA, July 1999
  • SDGN Conference to the Max, Netherlands, May 2000
  • DevCon Australia, Australia, May 2000
  • DevCon Europe, Germany, November 2000
  • DevCon Australia, Australia, September 2001
  • DevCon Europe, Germany, October 2001
  • DevCon Europe, Germany, November 2002
  • DevCon Australia, Australia, April 2003
  • DevCon Europe, Germany, October 2003
  • DevFest, United Kingdom, February 2004
  • DevCon USA, July 2004
  • DevFest, United Kingdom, March 2005
  • VODC Conference, Germany, November 2005
  • DevFest, United Kingdom, March 2006
  • VODC Conference, Germany, November 2006
  • DevFest, United Kingdom, March 2007
  • VODC Conference, Germany, November 2007
  • DevFest, United Kingdom, March 2008
  • VODC Conference, Germany, November 2008
  • DevShare, United Kingdom, May 2010
  • VODC Conference, Germany, November 2010
  • VODC Conference, Germany, November 2011
  • DevShare, United Kingdom, May 2012
  • DevShare, United Kingdom, October 2013
  • DevShare, United Kingdom, September 2014
  • DevShare, United Kingdom, September 2015

Associated Experience

  • Co‐author of Sirius Press software: CLASSic nuVO (a class library for Visual Objects), DOCBASE! (application documentation tool), SP‐Utilities for VO
  • Contributor to Sirius Press’s Visual Objects 2 Encyclopedia
  • Contributor to software magazines: VO:Journal(), SDGN magazine
  • Co‐author of training materials on Jasmine (object database from Computer Associates) ‐ VO‐Jasmine ActiveX Application Development
  • Author of VO Productivity Pack, a popular set of programmer tools for Visual Objects
  • President of the Clipper User Group (Melbourne) 1990‐1992
  • Contributor to the Clipper books "Selected Clippings" and "Selected Clippings++", published by CUG(M)
  • Author of the book “Vulcan.NET At Warp Speed”, published by Grafx Software for their programming language Vulcan.NET
  • Author of Facelift Professional, a tool for Visual Objects programmers to help them migrate to .NET Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation.

Other Experience

  • 2011‐2013: Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victoria) committee member
  • 2012‐2014: Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victoria) Terrestrial Study Group Coordinator
I regularly lead and participate in ANOS(Victoria) field trips and conservation activities.

I have also given presentations on two of my hobbies – photography/videography and the conservation of native orchids:
  • 2013: Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victoria)
  • 2013: Australasian Native Orchid Society (Geelong)
  • 2013: Field Naturalists Club of Victoria – Botany Group
  • 2014: Australian Plant Society, Mitchell
  • 2016: Australian Plant Society, Mitchell